Rabu, 7 Oktober 2009

Transform like transformers

Some people said, if you want to be succeed,you must know how to write and speak in English.. Ayyaa... For it's so difficult because my English is not good(quite bad). Huwaa.. But practice make perfect, isn't is? Hehe.. So, from now onwards, I try to publish my post using english language. I hope you all can support me and pleaseee.... Don't laugh at me if there are some gramatical error in my post... Yiehaa... Caiyok2 for myself..

2 ulasan:

Tank Key berkata...

so you think you can transefom?

try be gaban look?
or try transefom to betmen also?
if can laa

Orangekidz berkata...

i think 'so you think you can dance'. hahaha.. like haram... hayya... you want me to transform arr... u think i cannot eh?? but if i transform, everyone around me will say " Arghhh!!! The toyol is here!!!" hahaa